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Giving ideas the space to grow

The Hirschvogel Innovation Center has an interface and coordination function in the partner network. Starting from promising product and service ideas, we launch pilot projects and give the ideas room to grow.

Within the framework of the three-stage innovation process, which we accompany in whole or in part, it becomes clear whether an idea will actually become a new business field. The idea phase is followed by the concept phase with technical and business feasibility studies. In the subsequent development phase, prototypes are created until they are ready for pre-series production. Our current project focus: The development of electric drives, especially for e-bikes. The development of a component platform in the field of micromobility. The feasibility of an automated logistics solution (delivery robot).

Simple process, comprehensive solutions:

As components of a unique Innovation Eco System, we cover all competencies and steps from the idea through development to industrialization. Close cooperation between the partner companies guarantees efficient and successful development of products and innovative solutions.

In the first step, the Hirschvogel Innovation Center generates marketable product ideas that are worked out as a production-related concept. The origin can arise from an external order, a vision, a problem to be solved or a need of the market. The design is developed, then the concepts are checked for their suitability by means of simulation and tests and revised, selected and initiated in the next development stage.

Skills used:

  • CAD design
  • Industrial design
  • Market analysis
  • Simulation (CAD, VR, AR)
  • Concepts development, usability
  • Testing

Selected concepts, developed into producible prototypes, are produced  up to the pilot series in order to be subsequently tested in depth. Almost all manufacturing processes that the industry has to offer are available for this:

  • Design prototyping
  • CNC milling and turning
  • 3D printing
  • Laser sintering
  • Vacuum die casting
  • Aluminum investment casting
  • High performance composites

The industrialization of the product up to large series can be carried out within the company network by the Hirschvogel Automotive Group, among others. The following competencies are available for this:

  • Manufacture of components by aluminum and steel forging
  • Automation solutions for industrial manufacturing
  • Manufacture of electric motors
  • Series production of electronic components


Urban Mobility

Solutions for urban traffic: We are developing a hybrid-powered component platform for innovative urban vehicle concepts. Our robust and modular component solutions can be tailored to a wide range of applications and can therefore be used, for example, in sharing or cargo vehicles.


the current situation

Cities face major challenges if they want to exist as a place worth living in: Every week, 1.3 million people move to cities worldwide, traffic is becoming increasingly dense, delivery volumes are steadily increasing, traffic routes are blocked, new registrations for cars with combustion engines will be banned worldwide until 2050, sharing offers use vehicles that are not up to the constant load... These and many other factors from an in-depth analysis have led us to make city mobility more efficient and sustainable.


The components

Countless start-ups worldwide are dealing with the topic of urban mobility. But why do we see so little of it on our streets? We think that most of the approaches lack the production-ready implementation based on robust components. This is exactly where our strengths can be found: in the development of concepts, prototyping and finally industrialization.

The components can be used to implement almost any vehicle shape in the area of approval for micromobility. From two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers, fully electric or pedal-assisted, with rubber torsion spring axles for vans or wishbones for more comfort. Everything can be combined into one platform. This is how your visions become reality.